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We Humanely Trap and Remove all forms of Nuisance Wildlife. We proudly do raccoon trapping in San Antonio, Bat Removal in San Antonio, Squirrel Removal in San Antonio, armadillo control in San Antonio, bee removal, wasp extermination, opossum removal in San Antonio, snake control, beaver trapping, Skunk Removal in San Antonio, mole removal, lizard trapping, Muscovy duck removal, pigeon removal, fox trapping, peacock removal, bird control in San Antonio, dead Animal Removal in San Antonio, gopher trapping, rat trapping in San Antonio, mice removal, Rodent Control in San Antonio and any other Nuisance Animal in San Antonio you may be dealing with. All Inspections are Free. Call to have us remove your Pesky Critter!


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August 2016: Wildlife Issues

It is currently mating season for critters, and they are seeking warm and safe places to mate and have their young. The most convenient areas for animals are often found within our attics, where they are unwelcome pests that can cause both disruption and damage. The Team at Centurian Exterminators are already experiencing an increase in calls in the month of August with animals in their attics, and noises in the walls. As such, we are warning our customers and clients throughout Florida to be prepared to call animal control as soon as they see the signs of an invasive population. Raccoons, Rats, Bats, Possums and squirrels are getting into people's’ attics. These nuisance animals cause serious property damage and health concerns. These animals’ poop and urine seep into the insulation and drywall and become embroidered into attic insulation, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. What’s more, these nuisance animals chew on the beams and wood in the attic, chew through the electrical wires, and make a complete mess that can cost homeowners $1000's of dollars every summer. We want to inform customers of what they can do to prevent these nuisance animals from getting into their home and attic.



Once you know that you have animals in your home the only way to keep them from coming back is to excluded them. This is done by closing off any access points around your home where the animal may have been gaining access. When performing an exclusion we only use metal & concrete materials ensuring the animals can not chew through it. In some cases we can even uses Wildlife specific detterents to further prevent the animal from wanting to come back. All Wildlife Exclusion and Animal Repair work comes with a 1-5 year Re-newable warranty. Call Today for more Details.


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Now that we have removed the Nuisance Animal from your attic we need to clean up the mess left behind. When an animal is in your attic they are urinating, deficating, breeding etc. All of this is contaminats left behind in your attic, bacteria, dieseases, insects throughout the insulation. We will do a full cleanup and restoration of your attic, when we are done it will be like you never had a problem! If your insulation has been heavily contaminated with feces and bacteria we can remove the old insulation and install brand new Pest Prevention Insulation. Call us Today for more Details!