Tick Control and Tick Extermination

Pest Control
By André Karwath aka Aka (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

If you have ever lived in, or visited the countryside you may know about performing tick checks. While ticks cannot fly, they are able to climb onto humans easily as they reside in tall grass. Ticks will attach to their hosts for an extended time and live off of their blood. Since they are literally sucking your blood, they must be physically removed, and since they are so tiny they may go for a long time without being noticed. The longer they go unnoticed, the more your chance for catching a disease that they may carry increases - such as Lyme disease.

You should avoid tall grass if you are in an area where ticks are common; if you must be near tall grass, you should wear clothes that cover your skin and closed toed shoes. Animals are known for bringing ticks into the home as well, especially wild animals. If you do find yourself with ticks on your property, you can attempt to treat your yard with pesticides and attempt to keep all grass cut low. You can use repellents on your body to deter ticks from latching onto you, and treatments are available to use on your pets as well.

If you should be bitten by a tick, you should remove it as soon as you can. Use tweezers to remove the entire tick, including the head. You can then flush it down the toilet or submerge it in rubbing alcohol to kill it.