Stink Bug Control and Stink Bug Extermination

Pest Control

Even though Stink Bugs are not any danger to the construction of your house or to you personally, they are rather annoying to have around. These insects commonly mate during the spring, meaning that their population increases in the summer. Stink Bugs will often feed on fruits and vegetables, which can cause damage to those plants and even spread diseases through the plants. They can be found throughout all of America.

You may find stink bugs inside your home during the winter, when they are seeking shelter from the cold. They will not eat through wood or bite you, but stink bug infestations can get pretty severe. The most noted fact about stink bugs is the odor that they release when they feel threatened. This odor also will attract other stink bugs to the area, which is how you end up with a full fledged infestation. However, contrary to popular belief, killing a stink bug will not attract other stink bugs.

The best approach to stop clogs bugs from entering the residence is to seal up any entrances which they might utilize to obtain entry to the house. After everything is sealed properly, you can catch the stragglers and kill them, or use your vacuum to get any babies that you may not be able to see.