Spider Control and Spider Extermination

Pest Control

Many people have a fear of spiders, and these little eight legged creatures have been used often in horror movies. These fears are irrational, however, as spiders are extremely shy creatures and will run from you. All spiders possess a certain type of venom, however most are not able to bite through human skin; and even if they can, they will more often run from you rather than bite you.

Spiders are actually beneficial to keep in your home, as they reduce pest population of smaller bugs. However, since most don’t want spiders in their home, there are a couple ways to prevent spider activity. You can try to reduce clutter, as spiders love to hide in anything they can. You can clear out any webs that you come across, which also removes any eggs. Spiders love to make their home in wood piles outdoors, so you can also take measures to eradicate any excessive wood from your backyard. Pesticides are not proven to be very effective against spiders, especially in the long term.

Outside the home, spiders provide pest control and do not pose any real threat to humans. While they can often be found spinning their webs on plants, they do not cause any harm to the plants. However, if you do have a spider buildling a web on your plant and it makes you uncomfortable, you can lightly spray it with water, which will break the adhesive bonds of the web.