Silverfish Control and Silverfish Extermination

Pest Control

Silverfish are exceedingly menacing looking, and you have probably seen one before and just not realized what it was. These insects are tiny and can be found in dark, moist environments. As you may have guessed from their name, they are silver colored, and have a body shape similar to that of a carrot. They will have long antennae that are on both sides of their body, and help them to find their way around as they prefer to be in complete darkness. They are very fast runners, but you may see them scattering when you turn on a light suddenly. They live off of cardboard, dead insects, and fungus.

Another species of Silverfish is the Firebrat, which is similar in appearance, but different in prefered environments. Firebrats prefer warm environments and can be found near or under ovens and around hot water pipes. Regardless of whichever species you are dealing with, they are often linked to excessive moisture in the air. They are found more commonly in southern states where humidity is the norm.

The easiest way to prevent silverfish is reducing the moisture in the area, this means repairing any leaking pipes. You can also use a dehumidifier or extra fans to provide extra ventilation in the area. You can also seal up any cracks that they may enter through. Once the moisture is eliminated and all of the cracks have been sealed, you will notice the silverfish population drop or disappear completely.