Rat Control and Rat Extermination

Pest Control

While not an insect, rats are one of the most common household pests that people come into contact with. Rats are extremely intelligent and are able to memorize paths and certain areas. Many people think that rats in their home means that their home is dirty, but this is rarely the case. Rats seek shelter in homes, regardless of cleanliness, to hide from predators and harsh weather. Unlike insects, you can actually hear rats when they are in your home; often a light scurrying sound throughout the attic. You will often hear these sounds at night, as rats are nocturnal creatures.

Rats often enter the home through entry points that they find on the roof or exterior of the home. They are capable of fitting into holes about the size of a quarter, so you should always go over your home several times when identifying entry points for rats. Once inside, rats will seek out cluttered dark places - their favorite is your attic - so reducing the amount of clutter in your home will deter rats from being able to find hiding spots.

If you already have rats in your home, it is important to get them out immediately as they are known to carry many diseases and can also cause serious damage to your home. They will gnaw on anything they can find, such as insulation, beams, or even electrical cords. While you may see several rat poisons on the market, the best way to eliminate rats is to trap them with a snap trap.

Managing rodents is a tedious process, but it is important to start taking steps to get rid of them as soon as a problem is realized.