Pantry Moth Control and Pantry Moth Extermination

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By Kaldari (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As you may have guessed from their name, pantry moths can often be found in your pantry. They love to feed off of the food that you typically store in it, such as grains, cereals, or dried animal food. The female moths will lay their eggs close to or in the food sources, this ensure that the larvae can have easy access. The larvae are capable of chewing through many different mediums that food can come packaged in, such as cardboard or thin plastic. So even if you haven’t opened your favorite cereal yet, the pantry moth larvae may already be inside.

One of the best measures in preventing pantry moth infestation is to store your food in airtight or glass containers. These are mediums that the larvae cannot chew through. You can also store food in your refrigerator. The larvae of Pantry Moths can even chew through ziploc bags! If there are any spills in the area, you should clean it up immediately. You can also check for their cocoons in or near paper products, which many choose to keep in their pantry as well.

The most easy way to tell if food is contaminated by Pantry Moths is to search for webbing, which can look like clumps within the food. You may also notice holes chewed into the side of products not yet open, which is another good indicator of Pantry Moths. You should always check the nearby foods as well as the larvae can travel between them easily. If you find infected food, you should remove it immediately. You can vacuum or take cleaning products to clean the inside of your pantry regularly, which will help to keep pantry moths away.