Fire Ant Control and Fire Ant Extermination

Pest Control

Fire ants are an extremely aggressive species of ant, they possess the capability to bite you, or sting you, repetitively. You may have stood in what you thought was a dirt pile once and became overwhelmed with an itching fiery feeling, you more than likely got swarmed by fire ants. The true tell of a fire ant bite is the red mark with a small white bump that will appear in the middle. This bump is a pocket full of fire ant venom, while it won’t cause any lasting damage, you will experience pain and extreme itchiness from the area for about a week. Fire ants are considered to be an invasive species, and are only found in the southern states of the US.

You can often spot a fire ant mound by the number of small red ants swarming around the opening of it. These ants are there to swarm whatever may be potentially harming their nest, such as your foot when you unknowingly step on it. You can destroy the mound, either by knocking it over to seal all entry points or by pouring scalding hot water over it. You can often find these ants close to trash bins, as they seek out greasy oily foods.

While not often, fire ants may occasionally nest in the walls of your home, which would require a pesticide to eradicate. However, if the nest is outside your home and you notice fire ants getting in, you should be able to use poisonous bait that will make its way back to the colony where it will kill off a majority of the ants. You can then get rid of the colony mound.