Chinch Bug Control and Chinch Bug Extermination

Pest Control

Chinch bugs are more commonly found in southern states and are one of the leading causes of turfgrass damage. These tiny bugs will soak up all nutrients found in the grasses, while simultaneously injecting their serum that will affect and halt the movement of water throughout the plant, causing it to die. Chinch bug damage is often mistaken for drought damage - especially since southern states experience frequent droughts- however, to test for this you can give grass water and if it does not resume life, it is chinch bug damage. The damage will often be seen near the middle of the crops and will then move outward to the edge of the area.

You can use the “Tin Can Method” to check for chinch bugs as well, which requires cutting the ends off of the can and pressing it into the lawn. You can fill the area with water, which will cause the chinch bugs to float. If you are wondering what chinch bugs look like, they will be either black or red with a white stripe on their backs and white wings. They are most commonly found during the summer months, or year-round if you live in a state that does not experience many different season changes - such as Florida.

If you are experiencing an issue with chinch bugs you can look into the many different lawn tips there are for maintaining and eliminating chinch bugs, or you can contact a professional to help with getting rid of them.