Carpenter Ant Control and Carpenter Ant Extermination

Pest Control
By Nwbeeson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

When dealing with carpenter ants, you may hear that they eat the wood they are in, however only termites eat wood, carpenter ants only live inside of wood. Carpenter ants, like normal ants, go after sweets and crumbs. Carpenter ants are often mistaken for termites since they both live in wood and both can have wings. However one of the main distinctive differences between the two is what they leave behind. With carpenter ants you can find a sawdust-like residue where they have been, and with termites you can find tiny pellets. Since carpenter ants are nocturnal, you can expect to find traces of carpenter ants more often during the evening.

If you are able to find the main nest of carpenter ants and eliminate it, you may be able to completely get rid of your problem. Often, if you are experiencing wood rot, you may have carpenter ants moving in as moist, dying wood is their preferred medium to reside in. One of the best ways to protect your home is to try to reduce the amount of moisture in the home. This can be done by fixing all leaks and adding ventilation to keep the wood dry. Outside of the home, carpenter ants will reside in piles of wood; so if there are any wood piles, dead trees, or logs in your yard you should eliminate them so that carpenter ants aren’t drawn to your property in the first place.

As with any other species of ant, your best bet for eliminating carpenter ants is to use a poisonous bait. This way you ensure that the poison is making its way back to the main colony and not just killing workers. You can deter carpenter ants by removing any wood that could be housing them and eliminating food sources, however if these options don’t work you can begin with a low-grade pesticide.