Ant Control and Ant Extermination

Ant Control

One of the more common pests you can come into contact with are ants, you can find them almost anywhere - out in your yard or in your home. The most notoriously known fact about ants is their ability to lift and carry food that is heavier than they are, but since they are so tiny this doesn’t say much. Often they are seeking out your home for shelter from weather and predators as well as a perfect food source. Many times, the colony will start outside and send the worker ants inside to see if they are able to find food, which they will then bring back home to the main colony. Which is why just killing the ants that you see won’t do much good, there is still a colony relatively close to your home somewhere. While it may take longer to see results, ant poison bait is one of the best methods to completely eliminate ants; the workers will take the poison back to the colony so you have a more increased chance of killing off the colony this way.

You may notice ants in your home marching in a straight line, this is because of the pheromones that ants will leave behind them as they walk- allowing other ants to follow. This is why wiping your counters down if you notice ants is very important, once the pheromones are eliminated the ants do not have any trail to follow. If you are able to locate the main colony nest of the ants, you can destroy it, which would make any survivors have to go find another place for a colony.

The most common way that ants enter your home is through cracks on the borders of windows or doors, which you can eliminate by sealing up these cracks if you see them. Keeping bushes and other shrubbery trimmed back prevents any easy access for the ants as well. Since they are such tiny creatures, ease of access is important to ants.